Our Story

Every love story is beautiful, and each is perfect for its own main characters.
And so is our love story. Our story is wonderful as God plans and directs our life in His own ways that made us believe that Good sees us, knows us, and gives us the best for our future.
Here we would like to share with you how we have watched in amazement how God has beautifully carved our life.

How We Met

It is ironic that we have not dated before we did.

We were studying in the same primary school and Michael’s sister, Michelle, was Grace’s schoolmate. But we went our separate way.

Fast forward till after we have graduated from university.

One day Grace’s cousin, ce Devina, called and said that her mother in law wanted to introduce Grace to her friend’s grandson. So, on the next Sunday morning after church we met and exchanged number.

Unsurprisingly that not so random meeting became our remarkable moment as we were attracted to each other from that point on. This leads to texts and phone calls to get to know each other more and  August 12, 2014 marks our first day as “officially” dating one another.


The Dating time

We went to our first date 3 years ago, and since then there has not been a single day that we have not spent together. Our relationship is going great and we are so in love to each other.

Even though we had different friend groups, different way of solving problems, and different way of expressing our emotion. But, our goals and plans for the future were similar, which was critically important to us.

As we begin our relationship, we start actively finding mutual hobbies and interests. And during this journey we both had supportive people in our lives to help us experience God personally. We do not want to bore you with details on what we have been through, but we would like to emphasis how important it is to have complete faith in our Lord and His plans for us. Not to be forgotten is to surround ourselves with a good community that can encourage you to be a better person.

Now, we have finally reached to another of our milestone: We are getting married!


Getting Married

Time flies fast when you enjoy it.

We still remember when we first met. Sunday morning, without any expectation on who we were going to meet, only to make ‘bobo’ (grandmother) happy as she had arranged this meeting. And here comes the time when we take the next step and decided to continue life together. What a wonderful, unforgettable journey we have had. We are deeply thankful for God’s unending blessing and faithfulness. And we are so excited for our Big Day!

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